1. The Ride of Champions
  2. Event Safety

Event Safety

Safety is our first priority!
The event will enjoy a full service of vehicle support. The rides outside Qatar Foundation will be supported with police cars and lead vehicles in front of each ride to ensure the route is correct and clear. Between 15 and 20 support vehicles along the route which will also include tech-support from our local bike shops. There will also be 2 back up vehicles at the back end of the ride behind the last cyclists to assist anyone that cannot continue due to any unforeseen reasons.
Medical services will also be present with ambulance vehicles behind each ride group and near start/finish area.

The Family / Beginners ride and Kiddies event in Qatar Foundation will be executed in a closed circuit, free of vehicles.

Family and Youth Event

This is not only just a Cycling Event but also a festival of cycling for the whole family. A day for all to come out and enjoy the day in Qatar Foundation. The cyclist will have the challenge to complete their rides from Qatar Foundation to central Qatar and back where they will meet their families and enjoy some relaxation and hospitality together.

Kids Rides

Because you are never too young to start, and we want to encourage all to be a part of the bicycle lifestyle. The kids ride will take place in Oxygen park which is a closed and safe circuit.

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